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Lamat México
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    Create ideas

    to transform lives

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    Create dreams

    to make them a reality

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    Encourage consciousness

    to generate solutions

About us

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Lamat, in Mayan astrology, represents the harmony and the love for humanity. Choosing this name for LamatMéxico was not a coincidence. This company is responsible for making people of the community who integrates GrupoPaisano show their solidarity, the love to themselves and to their environment, and how to be harmonious. As a result, they will be successful in all areas of their life, including the corporate one.

In every process of change, it is necessary a deep transformation. LamatMéxico drives the transformation of the communities towards a new sense of solidary responsibility with the support of professionals and specialists in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Logotherapy, and Self-Fulfillment Psychology.

This company of GrupoPaisano specializes in designing and implementing powerful strategies and processes of human transformation. LamatMéxico works to improve the self-esteem of the producers; it changes limiting ideas to powerful actions; it generates consciousness focused on empowerment, and it discovers and drives the human potential of the community. All this working together is the key to success.

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Create the Mexican dream providing opportunities


LamatMéxico redefines the basic human necessities of all areas of life through a Neuro-Linguistic, Meta-Coaching, Self-Fulfillment Psychology, and Logotherapy program in order to achieve the comprehensive development of each farmer associated to GrupoPaisano.

For a human being to be able to have an integral life, this human needs to be full in each basic necessity : environment, behavior, capacities, beliefs, identity, and self-importance, as well as his or her human development areas: life, personal, familiar, professional, business, and community sense. These necessities and human development areas are indivisible; if one of them was to be changed, this would cause permanent changes.

With this model, LamatMéxico contributes with GrupoPaisano to guarantee the success of the Impact Investment Fund that generates to the Social Companies in the communities, whose partners are the farmers.


Strengthen talents, values, skills, and self-esteem of the farmers who work with GrupoPaisano implementing new beliefs, and the creation of a solidary spirit.


Transform individuals in integral people who are responsible for themselves, for their families and communities, building a new Mexico.


Generate responsible people in integral developed communities.


  • Collectivity:
    If everyone is all right, I am all right.
  • Equality:
    It is a right of all human beings having the same opportunities to achieve a prosperous and dignified life.
  • Integrity:
    Strength and coherence between thought, word, action, and habit.

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Step by step:

1) LamatMéxico makes diagnoses and evaluations of the personal qualities of each of the farmers; it considers common family situations, self-esteem characteristics, skills, and talents.
2) LamatMéxico develops an intervention, accompaniment, and working model, according to the human talents and potential of the associated farmers with GrupoPaisano.

3 ) LamatMéxico makes a program directed to the development of new abilities and the union of talents in the interest of the community through coaching and logotherapy workshops with the farmers.

4) Once the established programs are done, young people of the community are identified and certified by LamatMéxico as Change Agent Leaders in order to monitor changes.

The social companies created from the Impact Investment Fund of GrupoPaisano, whose producers are partners, allow the comprehensive development of the community. The economic aspect, the human development –generated by LamatMéxico-, the social welfare, and the environmental preservation are a consequence of teamwork.

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GrupoPaisano is a holding company formed by 4 enterprises and a Non-profit Organization focused on generating impact into the economic, social, environmental, and human development areas in Mexico.-an integral development scope-.


Is an Impact Fund Management Company which draws cash from investors from Mexico and abroad to develop agricultural and industrial projects. It´s first fund is Inverpaisa I which will impact communities and regions in Mexico that are in extreme poverty.


It is a business incubator that designs Impact Investment Projects with a comprehensive development view. Once the fund is made, ImpulsoPaisano implements, plans, operates, trains, and gives technical assistance to the human capital of the communities, generating the necessary accompaniment to reduce risks and strengthen the profitability of each project.


It is the company responsible for the commercialization and distribution of the products generated in the Impact Investment Projects of GrupoPaisano, with a strategy focused on capturing the community margins of intermediation in favor of the micro and small scale producers and investors and manage an attractive price for the buyers.


A company specialized in driving the transformation of the communities towards a new sense of solidary responsibility through the support of professionals and specialists in human development, neuro-linguistic programming, meta-coaching, self-fulfillment psychology, and logotherapy.


It is a Non-profit Organization that contributes to the development of the communities in which GrupoPaisano operates. By detecting the fundamental needs of the population, CorazónPaisano offers linkages with institutions, companies, government agencies, and Civil Society Organizations.

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